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Reason is that it is generally accepted you can mix up to 5 percent petrol into diesel fuel without devastating impacts. In case there is no space in the tank to top it up with diesel at the needed 95 per cent ratio, you will need the services of somebody who can discharge the tank.

WRONG FUEL MASTER’s network of professional and qualified technicians cover all of the UK. We also work with a number of other wrong fuel companies who we would put you in contact with if we are not able to assist in this instance.

This is what occurs once you put diesel in a petrol car. Petrol combusts by a sparkle from the spark plugs. Consequently, diesel in a petrol engine gets stuck and blocks the spark plug and fuel system. This means in other words ‘the car simply will not start’.

In case you have filled wrong fuel in car the most significant thing to do is not to start the vehicle. Igniting the engine will permit the fuel to spread around it, causing great damage to the whole system. Your vehicle tank needs to be discharged prior to you drive the car.

Do not switch on the ignition or start the car to avoid damage to your engine. Push your car in neutral to a safe place and call WRONG FUEL MASTER. Our qualified technicians will be with you within an hour to drain the fuel and get you back on the road.

Filling petrol in diesel fuel is not the end of the world on condition that you figure out your mistake at the pump. You have to tell the petrol station employees about what has occurred. Put the car in neutral mood. Ask someone to assist you in moving car to a safe place. Call any near fuel drain services offering company.

Driving with the wrong fuel can cause damage to your engine. It is important to get the contaminated fuel drained as soon as possible to minimise the risk of costly damage. The more contaminated fuel that goes into the system, the more expensive it will be to repair your car. If considerable damage is done, it may be cheaper to replace your engine.

WRONG FUEL MASTER has a “no start no fee policy” so we will not charge you for any of the work done.

The most common and often signs of filling petrol in a diesel vehicle are the engine will create a noisy knocking sound when speeding up, the exhaust will generate too much smoke, slow motion will be rough, acceleration will be problematic, the engine warning light will start indicating and the engine might stop and the vehicle will be very hard to start again, especially when warm. It is recommended that you should never drive away your diesel car with petrol.

Filling unleaded in a diesel engine may result in catastrophic damage to the fuel injection system and the engine. Severe engine harm may also happen due to explosion caused by unrestrained unleaded combustion under the much higher rate of compression in diesel engines.

The amount of wrong fuel that your vehicle can safely tolerate depends on the vehicle’s manufacturer. Please check with your vehicle’s manufacturer for confirmation. Generally manufacturers recommend that the contaminated fuel is drained from the tank and replaced with clean fuel before the ignition is switched on or started.

Please contact the hire company. Your rental agreement should stipulate that you contact the company if you experience a mechanical problem with the car. The hire company will usually arrange for the car to be repaired with a fuel drain company they have a contract with. They may agree for you to arrange the fuel drain yourself. If that is the case please contact one of our operators.

WRONG FUEL MASTER technicians and specialised equipment are suitable and capable to remove the wrong fuel from any vehicle type.

Well, it depends on how much distance you have covered after filling petrol in diesel car. With everyone being so busy nowadays a person fills the wrong fuel in their vehicle every four minutes in the UK, it was reported by the AA. Resolving this issue can cost between £500 and £3,000 varies from engine to engine and it may not be covered or included by a motorist’s insurance payment.

Filling petrol in a diesel engine enhances friction or grinding between engine parts, causing harm to the fuel lines and pump. In case you drive away or even start the car with petrol being mixed with diesel you probably is going to cause expensive and catastrophic damage to the engine.

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